Alkaline CBD Water – CBD Organics – 1L – Case of 12

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Cannabidiol (CBD)is one of the cannabinoids found in hemp. Our source is pure and natural, and is free of THC (non-psychoactive) and has been found to offer a wide variety of health benefits.

d-Ribose is a carbohydrate used in cells (Kreb Cycle) to make ATP, the energy unit that fuels our cells and bodies, giving our hearts and muscles the energy they need to fully recharge.

Methylcobalamin (methyl B12)from a plant source, is the active form of Vitamin B12. It supports metabolism and is required by the body to maintain healthy nerve cells and red blood cells.

Coenzyme Q 10 (CoQ10)found naturally in your body acts as an antioxidant, which protects cells from damage and plays an important part in metabolism and energy production.

The Nano Process- This revolutionary process delivers nutrients in a water environment and has proven to be extremely successful using very small amounts of the actual nutrient. People have reported faster response times with great results.

Created by a team of doctors, CBD Organics brings cutting edge science to deliver nutrients and hydration in an effective way, naturally and responsibly. Applying quantum physics, our nanotechnology successfully increases the surface area of each substance we put in our water, so that less is much more. We at CBD Organics are committed to providing the highest quality products for our customers. This is why we work with Solar Rain, a company in California with the same high standards, not only for the products they make but also their strong belief in preserving our planet by their use of sustainable and renewable resources.

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