Nano CBD Rest Shot Strawberry Guava Flavor 1oz 10mg


  • 10mg NANO CBD each
  • Lab Tested

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Our natural recipe brings together vitamins, herbal remedies and CBD to give you a peaceful sleep. NANO CBD Rest Shot each has 10mg of NANO CBD.

Sleeping disorders are far too common in society. The world we live in gives no time for a healthy sleeping schedule. Improve your quality of life by resolving the toughest of sleeping issues with this NANO CBD Rest Shot.  These shots can help regulate a healthy sleeping schedule for overall improved health. Paired with melatonin, our NANO CBD Rest Shot provides a fast-acting resolution to restless sleep.  50 to 70 million people experience a sleep disorder, according to the American Sleep Association. Benefit from a peaceful nights sleep with the natural ingredients packed in a NANO CBD Rest Shot. Help regulate your sleep cycle from natural ingredients like CBD and melatonin while valerian root works to combat sleep disorders.

Incorporating a rest shot into your routine helps to keep the body healthy, allowing you to receive much needed and deserved sleep. Each ingredient was selected to help reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep and sleep better.

Utilizing a microscopic CBD particle, NANO CBD offers increased bio-availability for a faster onset of effects, increased effects, and higher absorption in the body.

1 FL OZ I 30 ml | 10mg NANO CBD
Night Time Rest Shot

An hour before bed, shake your NANO Rest Shot and consume.

NANO CBD: CBD particles ranging from .01 to 100 nanometers.
Valerian Root: Used mainly for inability to sleep.
Melatonin: Helps control when to fall asleep and wake up.
Tryptophan: Amino acid essential for optimal sleep and mood.


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